Thursday, October 23, 2008

Will DCF Take My Children Away?

My Joanna, is a drama queen. Because of that, I fully expect that someday, at bedtime, DCF (department of children and family) is going to break down my door. Every night, brushing her hair is a huge and painful ordeal for all involved. Not only does it hurt her to have her hair brushed, but the screaming hurts everyone around her (and since the dog annoys the neighbors, I can only imagine their reaction to the ear piercing screams every night). She yells about how mommy is hurting her. I think it sounds like she is being abused and I am in the same room as her.

I can't stand to see her hurt, but we can't allow her to develop dreadlocks (which is what would happen if we let her brush her own hair, we tried it for a while). I have tried detangler, brushing it wet, brushing it dry and even cutting her hair (which she hates even more than the brushing). So I will continue to brush it and torture the entire neighborhood (all 6 houses) with her nightly screams. If anyone has any suggestions for things that might make it easier to get a brush through her hair, I would love to hear it.

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mrsbear said...

My younger daughter hates getting her hair brushed and even at ten she can't really get all the knots out on her own. We use detangler. Usually what I try to do is go in sections, the start from the bottom and work up a little bit at a time until the whole section of strands is clear. Or you could shave her head, that works too.

Sandra Foyt said...

With my daughter, I used to condition her hair, and then spritz detangler as I brushed her wet hair in sections. It also helped to put my hand down at the roots to minimize the pulling.

Good luck with this one! It's nerve-wracking to hear the screams.