Monday, October 20, 2008

Trees and a Playdate -- Huh?

My yard is a mess. Fortunately, the big digger machine (I have 2 girls, I don't know construction equipment) that had become my front lawn art was taken away this morning, so now my yard just looks like a hurricane hit it. I just wish someone would just cut up the big pile of giant trees in my front yard.

On another (and much more fun) note, Joanna and I had a playdate today. Playdates are one of the things I missed most while working full time. While I had a couple of friends who were willing to do playdates with the au pair or on weekends, Joanna has really been gypped on the playdate front (Libby is old enough that her playdates don't require two parent attendance).

We went to a friend's house from Joanna's preschool class last year. This little girl (who I will refer to as E since she is not my kid so I shouldn't bandy her name about the Internet) was Joanna's best friend in preschool. While it was only 2 years, it was really half her life, which I think is a long time.

We had a very good time (yes, both of us). Joanna and E played nicely together doing typical 5 year old stuff (dress up, musical instruments, swings, slides, etc). I did have a heart attack when I looked up and there was Joanna, barrelling down a hill in a wagon, right into a tree. She was targeting a leaf pile, but there is a reason five-year olds are not allowed to drive. Joanna was fine, but I had to tell her that she is not allowed to ride a wagon down a hill ever again (I am sure she will find some way to get around that rule like she tries with every other. Maybe riding a scooter down a hill into a tree, or maybe a cart or something else with wheels).

I got to talk to the mom, which was very nice. I am sure you have run into the situation where your child is friends with a mom who is unbearable. Luckily, this is not one of those situations. I really like E's mother so enjoy spending time with her. I am hoping to be able to do more playdates although I may still be busy if the unbearable moms call.

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Giazz said...

Ah yes, well welcome to little kids. My son loves banging into things. Once, when he was real little, he fell pretty far down on a swing set at a park. The other mom with older boys said, if he's not crying and no blood, not to worry.

Welcome to boys.

Signe said...

Sounds fun! Some of us are going to start a play group up soon...almost makes a sahm feel normal again! :)

Eryn at said...

I miss playdates. I REALLY miss having conversations with someone over the age of 6 from time to time lol

I'm glad you enjoyed your date!

mrsbear said...

That actually sounds nice. I personally don't do playdates other than with my neighbor who has a daughter the exact same age and an old friend of mine who's baby is close to mine in age. I'm not very social unfortunately and my extended family has so many kids running around, my kids have always had plenty of interaction.