Thursday, October 2, 2008

Social Networking from Bed

I know, I know, you are waiting with baited breath for another blog review. Or maybe you stopped by to hear about the really cool award I received. If you read here regularly, you know I have the attention span of a gnat and get easily distracted. I have another story to share with you so you are just going to have to wait for the review and the award.

Last night, I participated in something called a Blitz. It is a social networking event sponsored by an organization called Blitztime. I wrote a corporate style review on my Albanese Consulting Group Web site, but my readers here are so supportive, I wanted to give you guys the inside scoop. If you are interesting in Blitzing as a business tool, check out my corporate blog (and you will notice I left out the part about my being in bed for the big event).

The event started at 7pm. I spent the evening rushing like a freak to get everything done in time and was at my computer well in advance. At 6:50, I was watching the clock so I could sign in at 6:55 as instructed. Of course, I got distracted and all of a sudden it was 6:59. I didn't have the phone number, I wasn't on the right Web site and I had to go to the bathroom. So I frantically hunted down the number and called, foregoing my trip to the bathroom.

So the concept of Blitzing (it's my blog, I can make blitz a verb if I want) is based on speed dating. I was already married when the speed dating trend started, but I don't think I would have been very good at it. You have to take the time to get to know me to love me.

Throughout these calls, I talked to a couple of interesting people (including a psychic, the first one I ever met). Suddenly the cat, who never jumps up on my bed (I think he may be too heavy), decided he wanted attention. So rather then coming up and purring really loudly (which he often does when I am on the phone) he started digging his sharp claws into my foot. There I am, on the phone with a stranger, trying to make a good impression, as the cat digs his sharp claws into me (I am convinced he was trying to get a noisy reaction). And he didn't stop there. He decided my foot was looking tasty so he started biting it too. I kept having to move it out of reach, while trying to sound like a business professional. And I still had to go to the bathroom.

Finally, I was on hold (I believe I was supposed to be talking to myself) for one of the rounds of conversations. Since I already know everything there is to know about me (although I am sure there are therapists who would disagree), I ran to the bathroom as fast as my little (alright, not little, they are a size 10) feet would carry me. What a relief. The event itself was very interesting and I am actually signed up to do another one matching marketers with mommy bloggers. Since I qualify as both, it's a no miss for me. If you are interested (and either a mommy blogger or a marketer), you can learn more here. Just make sure you go to the bathroom before it starts.

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Mutha Mae said...

Oooh can we get the psychic for our session? Maybe she can tell us if our blogs will one day make 100 grand a month like Perez Hilton does!

Jolly Mom said...

Great post! My dog, a chocolate lab, does this to me EVERY time I am doing something that is important or requires my full attention. She doesn't bite or claw, but she HOVERS over me PANTING or even worse, she barks...loud! Gotta love your furry babes though!

On The Verge said...

My cats always bother me at the wrong times. Mine usually start to make that annoying high pitch to get my attention.