Friday, October 3, 2008

It's Award Time

A few days ago, I mentioned I had received an award and would tell you more about it later. It is now later. Does that sentence make no sense or is it just me? I am thrilled and excited about this award (is it time for my acceptance speech yet?). Well, anyway, you might remember a few posts ago, I wrote about a blog titled On the Verge. It was the blog that offered an application for boys who want to date my daughter. From a more recent post, it turns out she is going to need the application long before she thought, since her kindergartner seems to have the same affection for boys as Joanna.

Anyway, she gave me this fabulous award (is it time for the speech yet?).

Apparently, I am supposed to translate the award from Portuguese. Now, if I wasn't super lazy, I would get up, go find our au pair and ask her to translate (she speaks Portuguese). But, since I am lazy, you are going to have to take my own translation (taken verbatim from On the Verge). ""This blog invests and believes, the proximity"(meaning, that blogging makes us 'close' -being close through proxy) I have taken this to mean a feeling of community." So now, I am supposed to present this award to 8 bloggers that I want to be part of my community. Now, here is the problem. I don't know 8 bloggers. I am somewhat new to blogging (and kind of shy) so I haven't met that many people. Here is my list of people I would like to present with the award:

Mutha Mae: The ultimate mutha (check out her site, it explains what that means).

Moomette's Gram: Always a source of good advice (check her out for everything you need to know about earning on the Internet).

The Biker's Voice: A biker, I think that is so cool! (she is newer than I am. check out her blog for the cool biker photos).

On the Verge also gave me another award (how amazing is she). This one is also in another language (not sure what the deal is with the foreign language award, maybe the whole international Internet thing).

So anyway, here is this award (On the Verge didn't translate this one so you are on your own).

I am supposed to present this to a bunch of people too. I think I will present it to the same people as the last one. To refresh your memory, that list includes Mutha Mae, Mommettesgram and The Biker's Voice. Check out all three sites, they are a lot of fun!

The post is over and no time for my acceptance speech. I am going to go recite it to the cats. They will listen with rapt attention. Especially if I shake the catnip while speaking.

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Mutha Mae said...

As typical for award moments, I am slightly tipsy on champagne as I type this. Not typical is the fact that I'm wearing a pink bathrobe that may or may not still have baby spit up from 2003.

Thank you for the mention and the time and consideration. It feels good to be appreciated!

Anne Albanese said...

If you are tipsy on champagne, I want to hear your acceptance speech!

Julie said...

I've seen all of these sites before and absolutely agree with your selections, congrats!

On The Verge said...

You are welcome! And so kind with your words. I am glad I could give you an award since it has been since 2nd grade!!

Cindi @ Moomettesgram's Musings said...

Thanks for the awards! I'm delighted accept and to have you as my new friend (also from CT) Waiving 'Hi' !

missarkie said...

I apologize for being late to say thank you for the award. I am so behind on everything but I will catch up this week or die trying. By the way love your post on the hair guess what I have the same color.