Friday, October 24, 2008

Hong Kong Clothing Comes to NY

When I was in high school and college, my father lived in Hong Kong (yes, that foreign country on the other side of the planet). I haven't been there is years, but in the 80's, I spent a lot of time there, visiting my parents and enjoying the city (oh my God, you had to see the shopping, I still can't buy retail).

Another thing that was unique to Hong Kong was the low cost of labor (that is also why Chinese toys are so cheap). Because employees are so inexpensive in Hong Kong, custom-made clothing was extremely affordable. My father's wore custom-made suits because they cost the same as off-the-rack suits in the U.S. The only people in the U.S. who could afford custom suits were the extremely wealthy (Donald Trump or those who were big screen, movie star, wealthy).

Now, anyone can afford a custom-made suit. Even you (or your husband) can dress like Donald Trump. A new Web site has developed a way to craft made-to-measure suits at off-the-rack prices (not sure how they do it, maybe Santa's elves got laid off in the recession and they snatched them up).

It is pretty cool. Rather than going to the store and choosing from the selection that the store people like, you get to create exactly the suit that you want. They measure you in like 30 different directions, making sure every part of your suit fits perfectly. You get to pick whatever style you like and whatever fabric you like which is perfect for those of us who look best in certain styles and fabrics (have you ever been shopping and found that you love the purple, but the cut of the pea soup green outfit looks so much better on you, who can wear pea soup green anyway?).

Every since I have had children, I have found shopping for clothing to be extremely demoralizing (you moms, like me, who never got your pre-children shape back know how I feel). Custom-made clothing solves that problem and custom suit allows you to buy custom clothing at an off-the-rack price.

Unfortunately for many of my readers, custom suit is only available to people in my area. You need to be able to travel to NY city to get measured (although, if you have a trip planned to NY, check it out, it might be worth the trip, also, let me know, maybe we can plan something).

For those of you who, like me, are reluctant to deal with online retailers you dont know, custom suit has a midtown NY location, right on Broadway (smack in the middle of everything). Check out the photo.

Look how fabulous, it makes you want to go in and buy something, but, you have to have an appointment so make sure you schedule in advance (although, if you call them they might be able to fit you in).

If you are located near NY or if you are planning a trip, check out custom suit. Yes, even those of us who live here in the Small Town, like to dress nicely.


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