Sunday, October 5, 2008

Army of Women

I recently signed up for something called the Army of Women. Now those who know me are probably thinking, "oh no, she is finally implementing her plan for world domination." But that is not the case (although, if anyone is interested in getting together for world domination, send me an email at anne (@) smalltownmommy (dot) com. or leave a comment below).

Anyway, back to the Army of Women. This is a foundation put together by Dr. Susan Love (the breast doctor) and Avon (the make-up people). They are trying to eliminate breast cancer.

Now Frank and I have a dear friend who was diagnosed with breast cancer about 3 years ago (approximately 5 minutes after she got married). She had a double mastectomy and recently had twin boys so luckily, things worked out for her, but I think about what could have happened and it makes me cringe.

If you sign up for the Army of Women, there is no type of commitment whatsoever. You are agreeing to read their emails (and if you are too busy and miss one, they wont mind). They will be sending out information on clinical research projects that relate to breast cancer. You look at it and decide for yourself if you are eligible and interested in participating. They are looking for any type of woman, whether you have had breast cancer or not. They want all ages, races, creeds, colors, ethnicity, etc. Basically, anyone can join (this means you).

Check it out. It is a great program and it is the opportunity to really contribute to the elimination of breast cancer. Go for it.

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On The Verge said...

What a great organization. I will have to look into it. Hope you are having a nice weekend. Oh, and sign me up for the world domination! I am with you!!!!

~ April ~ said...

Awesome. I just joined. Thanks! :)

Just Kim U said...

Found you via Twittermoms and the blog link thingie :) What a great organization - thanks for sharing the info!

Julie said...

I signed up for that a few weeks ago. Awesome. Also, Purina Cat Chow is offering to donate $1 for each person completing
their 5-question survey about breast cancer awareness (it's meant to
teach you - they give you the answers). It only takes a ONE minute!

If you continue to pass this on to your entire list and the next
person does the same, alot of money could be donated!

Please visit catchow online and help them reach their goal.

Thank you!

piece of me said...

Oh wow, thank you for bringing this to my attention. It seems to be a very interesting program.