Thursday, October 9, 2008

About Me

I have been tagged with a meme (twice). For all of my non-blogging readers, this is something that bloggers do with each other (and it is so not dirty). Some of them are fun, some are silly and some are a little too revealing. Of course, I was tagged with the latter. First by Sondra who writes On Living by Learning. It is a great blog and she posts a beautiful photo of herself there (as we all know, I am currently obsessed with photos of myself). I received the same tag from Giazzpet who writes GiazzWorld. She is a jazz flutist, how cool is that?

Anyway, I am supposed to share 6 secrets about me. Sandra did 6 meaningful stories about jewelry, but I don't wear jewelry (can that count as 1? I guess not, too many people already know that). Giazzpet did 6 really interesting experiences, but my life isn't that interesting.

We all know, I don't really keep anything secret here, so I am going to have to jump into the way-back machine to come up with 6 things about me that no one knows. Here we go with TMI (too much information):

1) When I was a freshman in high school I had a serious problem with cursing. It was solved when I was grounded for life for referring to my English teacher (in front of my mother) as a word that rhymes with witch (I still stand by that statement, she really was). I tried to tell my mother I said witch, but she didn't buy it.

2) When I was growing up, I wanted to be a game show host. When I started working, I realized being a figurehead was the way to go. The game show host window has closed, but I am still holding out hope for becoming a figurehead.

3) When I was in college, I was a card-carrying member of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. I was almost arrested outside of a movie theater for distributing literature on the animal experimentation featured in the movie Project X. I still think Matthew Broderick is a hottie.

4) When I worked at the NY Convention & Visitors Bureau, I produced a movie encouraging New Yorkers to be nicer to tourists. I appeared in a scene with Tony Randall.

5) I once stalked Cindy Wilson at Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut.

6) As I sit here writing this, I am watching my cat become intimate with my daughter's sweater. And I am not stopping him.

You don't have to participate. I singled you out because I like you and your blog. Feel free to simply ignore if you don't feel like playing.

Play the Meme Game:
If you’ve been tagged with the Twitter Meme Game, you must post 6 things no one knows about you on your BLOG. Then you have to tag 6 more people. (don’t forget to let them know they’ve been tagged.) Leave me a message letting me know that you’ve accepted the tag. Let me know when you’ve posted your list and make sure there’s a link back to my BLOG. Have fun!!!

Here are the six bloggers I have chosen:

On the Verge (is this cheating, I don't know her Twitter ID)
Blue Monkey Butt (look at the name, need I say more)
Small Town Daddy (also known as my husband)
Moomettesgram's Musings (my fellow Connecticutian: is that a word?)
Hippostoes (to celebrate the opening of her new online store. Besides, how can you not love hippos toes)
Barack Obama (just because it gives me the opportunity to brag that he is following me on Twitter).

I have to go now to try to even out the color of my hair. I am heading up to Massachusetts tomorrow for the Blogher conference and would rather have normal looking hair (although it will still be BURGUNDY). If anyone is going, let me know. I would love to meet up somewhere.

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Debbie said...

If Barack Obama does this meme, you are my hero for life.

On The Verge said...

Thanks Anne. I will let you know when I post it.

Kacey said...

Memes. I have a love/hate relationship with them. I rarely do them because they usually don't fit in with the flow of what I feel like writing. But I really do enjoy reading them...

A game show host, huh? I'm not sure I've ever met someone who wanted to be that when they grew up!

On The Verge said...

Hey, come on over to my blog. I gave you an award today.

Jenni Jiggety said...

Is blogher Boston this weekend? Have a great time!

Sandra Foyt said...

How do you get a job as a figurehead? That's what I want to be when I grow up! LOL!