Sunday, September 21, 2008

We Love Bingo

We are a houseful of Bingo addicts. The first time I played Bingo was on a cruise when I was growing up, and I was hooked. As soon as the kids were old enough, I taught them to play Bingo. In our house, Bingo is a good time for the whole family.

A couple of years ago, we purchase an amazing game, Disney Bingo. It is perfect for all ages. It doesn't require reading so Joanna has been playing it since she was 3. It is amazing how young she started being able to match up the Disney characters(and yet she still can't match up a pair of socks). The game even shows clips from the different movies so if you are like me and have seen all the Disney movies (30-40 times) you can sing along with all the clips.

I found this great clip:

Let me know if the clip works, it works on some computers. If you can't see it, it features Stitch he is my favorite Disney character (says something about me, doesn't it). Libby heard the music and instantly recognized it (is Bingo genetic?).

You can get Disney Bingo on Amazon for only $15.99 (we paid more, you're getting a bargain). Check it out, my kids love it and yours may too.

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