Friday, September 5, 2008


Frank is probably going to object (he tells me I shouldn't talk about politics), but I have to join the rest of the blogosphere and talk about Sarah Palin. Like everyone else, I have an opinion on her, but I am not going to share it here (maybe another day). I wanted to talk about the fact that Sarah Palin appears to be very divisive. Hillary Clinton was divisive as well, I wonder if it has something to do with the fact that they are both women, that is the only thing they have in common (except investigations for wrongdoings).

Positive or negative, people have a very strong opinion about Palin (even stronger than Barrack Obama or John McCain). I have been reading a number of blogs and comments on blogs and there is a lot of discussion about her. Now discussion is good, but a lot of the comments and blogs are extremely nasty and insulting and don't say anything except calling people idiots if they disagree with the writer.

Another issue I have noticed is that a lot of the comments appear to be uninformed. I don't believe people should form an opinion or pick a candidate without knowing where they stand. Most of the people who are attacking or defending Palin don't appear to have any idea what she thinks, where she stands and her voting record. The AP put together a comprehensive analysis of what people are saying about Palin and where the truth lies.

I urge everyone to research both candidates and vote for the person you agree with on the most issues and that you think will make the best decisions for the country. Do not vote for the best speaker, the most attractive candidate or most importantly, the candidate you want to hang out with and have a beer (yes, that is a pet peeve of mine, fun does not make a good president). If you are liberal, don't just read the liberal media, if you are conservative, don't just read the conservative media. Get a sampling of everything out there and you just might learn something and when you speak, you wont sound ignorant.

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