Thursday, September 25, 2008

Party Girl

My Joanna is all about the party. She has been since she was little. She has never liked to be alone. Libby is like me. She would be perfectly happy to hang out by herself and read a good book. Joanna likes to be with other people (all the time). For the first 15 months of her life, she refused to sleep alone. Here is Joanna when we tried to move her out of our bed and into a crib.

As you can see, she was fighting sleep so hard, she fell asleep while still standing. I can tell you, sleeping standing up didn't work for her, every time she would relax, she would fall down and wake herself up again. We eventually gave up (I know, I know, parenting 101, we taught her if she stands her ground long enough, she wins). At 15 months, we actually got her to sleep in her room for a little while, but then she came back to our room.

When Libby was six, we bribed her to take Joanna into her room (it is amazing what a Webkinz would get you when Libby was in 2nd grade). But eventually, Libby got tired of having Joanna in her room. We were back to the drawing board. That was when we discovered how amazing a dog can be. We sent the dog to sleep with her. Every night, Frank tucks Hamlet and Joanna into bed. If the dog stays there all night, Joanna stays there all night. If the dog leaves, she leaves. Many nights, I can predict if Joanna will stay in her bed all night based upon the evening's planned activities. While I consistently complain about the dog (everyone needs a hobby), I do appreciate the fact that he keeps my Joanna company every night.

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Signe said...

That pic is so cute! We've got great sleeping pics, too...they're the best.