Tuesday, September 23, 2008

OMG I Quit My Job

This post is probably not that entertaining, but I am too busy being terrified to entertain. I just quit my job this afternoon. I know, all of you are probably thinking I lost my mind (I did, but that was a long time ago and has nothing to do with quitting my job). Actually, it is the first step in a long, thought-out plan that will hopefully work out the way I want.

From the time Libby was born until two years ago, I was a marketing consultant. I worked with a variety of different clients handling primarily public relations, Web marketing and editorial assignments. I got tired of consulting and decided to return to a full-time position.

Now, here it is, 2 years later and I have decided I miss consulting and want to go back to it. I started thinking about it in June. During that time, I have contacted many of my former clients, bosses and coworkers. I have a few prospects, but only one definite client (who doesn't have a lot of budget for marketing). maybe I can become a professional blogger (he he he).

So, you are probably asking yourself, why on earth would I quit my job now (I keep asking myself that too). I have discovered that I haven't had a lot of time to dedicate to my new venture because I have been spending most of my time working or taking care of the kids. So I decided to just jump off the bridge (let's hope there is someone there to catch me).

Right now, I am alternating between excited and terrified. I am excited about the potential but terrified by the loss of income. If you know of anyone who needs marketing assistance, you can check out my Web site at http://www.albaneseconsultinggroup.com/ or contact me at anne@albaneseconsultinggroup.com. If not, wish me luck and have hopeful thoughts for me. I am embarking on quite a roller coaster ride.

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Cindi said...

Good luck & best wishes to you ~ I so want to retire and admire your courage to follow through with your dreams.

mrsbear said...

Sounds scary and incredibly brave. Best of luck!

missarkie said...

Good luck. You are doing something I hope to do eventually. You will do great. By the way your link is posted under my links on my homepage.www.thebikersvoice.com

Signe said...

Often the scariest moments turn out to have the best outcomes! Good luck!!

On The Verge said...

I am sure you are scared but it will all work out. Enjoy your children. Maybe you can still find a way to do it on the side.

Mountain Woman said...

Sometimes the only way to get where you want to go is to take the leap. I know you must be scared but it's really exciting too!
If my blog ever does well enough to need a marketing consultant, I'd love to hire you.
Thanks for visiting me.

Anne Albanese said...

Thank you everyone for all your kind words and support. I keep having these moments of utter panic and reading your comments (over and over again) makes me feel better.

Tyler @ Building Camelot said...

Good luck! It sounds like you have a plan and I think that's the most important part of the journey. Keep us informed!