Saturday, September 13, 2008

New Experiment on Frugal in Fairfield

Many of my readers know I have another blog that provides tips on saving money for people who live in Fairfield County, CT (although many of the tips work all across the country), called Frugal in Fairfield.

I have just started a new experiment on Frugal in Fairfield. I read a blog post where the author suggested contacting companies directly for coupons. I had never thought of that and intuitively it makes sense. But part of me wonders if it isn't quite that easy. To try it out, I contacted 10 companies who manufacture products we use and asked them for coupons (the full list is on Frugal in Fairfield). In each email, I was complimentary about the product and mentioned that I or my kids love it. One company already responded that they don't provide coupons (I will out them: it was Ragu pasta sauce, boo hiss) so I substituted Prego. I will be providing regular reports on Frugal in Fairfield so tune in there if this sounds like it might be of interest to you.

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thediaperdiaries said...

Thanks for the link up. I am curious to see what you find.

Anne said...

I am having fun with the experiment.

Judy Brown said...

I really enjoy your blog, Anne. I laugh so much at your humor and so enjoy your observations on life and the political scene.

Frugal in Fairfield is fun to read, too. I think you do a great service to everyone in thinking about green initiatives which are ultimately means reuse. As far as laundry, I have always kind of enjoyed going to the basement to think of nothing more than putting the clothes in and out.

About 1992 when the kinds were in high school, junior high or in elementary, I paid one of my kids to do the laundry since I was really working a lot at the sort of job called "community organizing. "

I could comment much more on that but won't in the interest of being apolitical for the blog. CO's are people who with the help of committed citizens hold elected officials accountable for doing their jobs and not overlooking poor communities. I think we actually knew more about their jobs than some elected officials did. ANyway.

Keep it up. Love it. Judy