Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Moose, Post 2

I have become obsessed with our town moose. So I did some research on attracting them. Turns out, moose are dangerous (who knew). Bullwinkle was never dangerous when on TV. He was even friends with a squirrel. We have lots of squirrels. Unfortunately for me, squirrels are not enough to attract a real moose. What moose like: garbage. According to the Alaska Department of Wildlife, it is illegal to let a moose eat out of your garbage. But, I don’t live in Alaska so I suppose I could open our garbage cans and set up moose bait. Unfortunately, the moose is not the only one who likes to eat garbage. Hamlet likes to eat garbage. I can’t afford to take Hamlet to the vet just in the hopes of seeing a moose. I guess I will have to hope the moose wanders in my direction. I am still looking for tips for tempting moose.

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