Sunday, September 21, 2008

It's Time to Get Libby's Ears Pierced... Again

I took Libby to get her ears pierced today, for the 3rd time. No, that is not a typo and no, I am not forcing poor Libby to be a punk rock girl as my flashback to the '80's (ah, the 80's). She has gotten her ears pierced 3 times because the holes keep closing. The first time, she got a horrible infection and the second time, it healed funny and she was unhappy with it. We are hoping the third times a charm.

For someone who cries at a strep test, she is really brave when someone is shooting an earring through her earlobe (anything for beauty). The first time we did it, I was a mess. By now, I don't even blink. The first time she got it done, Joanna was sobbing hysterically that someone was hurting her Libby. Now, she just shops while Libby is in the chair (luckily, we were with a friend so I didn't have to let her roam aimlessly around the store by herself). We all seem to have gotten used to it although Joanna swears she is not getting her ears pierced until she is in college (we can only hope... I worry more about her piercing everything else).

Wish us luck with the third time ear piercing. I have already told Libby that this is the last time and after this, she is on her own.

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Lydia said...

Good luck with your daughter's ears. We are on round 2 with my oldest. The first time she got an infection as well and we found out she has allergies and can only wear gold....lucky me! I told her we would try one more time. I hope for our sake it works for both of us!

Anne Albanese said...


I am pleased to hear that I am not the only one who has had to do multiple ear piercings. I was worried it was a comment on my mothering abilities.

Ginny said...

When my oldest had her 2nd set of earrings done, they got infected. We still have to go to get them redone. She gets so mad because her younger sister has 2 in each ear & she only has one :)

Good luck to Libby then!