Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I Want My Moose

So according to our local paper, there is a moose roaming around our town (there have been 2 sightings in the last few days). I am dying to see him. Being from Westchester County, I have never seen a moose (except in a zoo). I hope he comes to visit. I asked Frank if he had any ideas for luring the moose to our house. His response was that it would damage my car. I carefully explained that I wasn't looking to run over the moose, I just wanted to take some pictures (No, I do not know why his first reaction was hit the moose with a car, but we will be sending him to therapy shortly to look into it).

If anyone has any thoughts on moose bait for luring the moose to my house let me know. I think Hamlet (the dog) would have a field day with a moose and I know I would love to see one.

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