Sunday, September 7, 2008

I am Building a Library Wing

I love the library. Unfortunately, I am rarely organized enough to get my books returned on time. Every time I take stuff out of the library, I end up returning something late. For some books, it would probably be cheaper for me to buy the book than to take it out of the library.

Our library has introduced a new program where they email patrons when we have overdue library books. I love it. Just last week, I had a video out for Joanna (Magic School Bus). She loved the video, but of course, I forgot to return it. The day after it was due, I received an email telling me I had something overdue from the library.

Another service I recently found was the Library ELF program. This is a national program where you sign up to get library reminders. You can receive reminders before materials are due, when they are due or when they are overdue. You will never have an excuse for an overdue library again.

These services may mean that the library is going to have to find another source of funds. There will be no Albanese wing in the library.

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