Monday, September 8, 2008

Everyone Deserves a Fresh Start

For the past few years, I have had a difficult relationship with Libby’s school nurse. It goes back to when she was in first grade and I just started working full time. For some reason, the kids picked the day after I started working to start getting sick. The illnesses continued for a solid month until I finally got fired (Frank took off time too, but no one can take off every week). No one got sick for the rest of the year.

So anyway, I was in a new job and Libby had been out sick (she was feeling better) and I sent her back to school. I was driving to the office (first day that week) and pulled into the parking lot just as my cell phone rang. It was the school nurse, telling me Libby was still sick, I shouldn’t have sent her to school and I needed to come get her immediately (in my defense, I do want to point out that I took her to the doctor that afternoon and she was fine). After that, anytime the school called for me to pick up Libby, the nurse told me that I shouldn’t send her to school the next day (implying that I was an idiot).

So, fast forward a few years. Libby has not been feeling well for the past couple of days. I thought it was a cold so I have been dosing her with Motrin and sending her to school. Today, it suddenly clicked that she might have allergies. So I called the doctor’s office to see what I could give her to make her feel better. The doctor’s office gave me the typical guilt that she might actually be sick so I scheduled an appointment (especially since they refused to answer my questions about allergy medication without seeing her).

So anyway, fast forward 4 more hours. My phone rings. It is Libby’s new school nurse (the one who hated me retired). Libby had been to see her because she wasn’t feeling well. She sent her back to class, but wanted to let me know. Yes folks, here it is, my chance to shine with the new nurse. Rather than saying, “Send her back to class, there are only a couple more hours.” I told the nurse I was worried that she was suffering from allergies (can’t mention that I sent her to school if I thought she was sick) and I had already scheduled a doctor’s appointment. The nurse was thrilled and thinks I am a good mother instead of the worst mother ever. While Libby is leaving elementary school after this year, I will need to have a relationship with the nurse for another 4 years with Joanna. It is nice to get a fresh start.

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