Sunday, September 28, 2008

Check Out On the Verge

This site review is out of order (my own order, that is only in my own mind), but the writer recently posted something that is so important, I had to push her to the top.

The site is On the Verge. First of all, we all know she is all the more woman than me because she has 4 girls (to my 2). Anyone who can get up and face the day with 4 kids has my respect. In addition, she manages to hold on to her sense of humor. Some of my favorite posts include her "open letter of thanks to children's television," her what is your ring tone?" And yesterday's post, which pushed her up to the top, "For those of you with daughters."

This post features an application for permission to date my daughter. As the mother of two daughters, I am all about the application. Of course, Frank and I are going to work with the application a little. First of all, there should be a couple of essay questions. If someone wants to date my daughters, they need to really work for it. It also requires a disclaimer that if they hurt my daughter, I am absolved of all responsibility and liability for my response. Also, the response time seems a little quick. I am thinking 8-10 years for processing.

I know, I know, neither of my girls will ever get to date (and I'm ok with that). Alright, use the comment space below to tell me I have gone too far. And after that, check out On the Verge.

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1 comment:

On The Verge said...

OMG! You are the kindest soul in the world!! First of all, I am not more of a woman than anyone, just more crazy!!!! lol

Seriously, thank you so much for such a wonderful write up. You are the best!