Saturday, September 27, 2008

Check Out Mutha Mae

As promised, here is my first review of blogs I enjoy. Our first featured blog is Mutha Mae's Word to Your Mutha. Why am I starting with Mae? She asked. Nicely.

Even without her asking, this happens to be one of my favorite sites. I know we are featuring blogs, but Mae's site is a blog, and so much more. Not only does she write in her blog (in particular, check out her recent story about running over a hide-a-bed for a harrowing tale), but she also records vlogs (video logs) and does a show on parenting (her video camera gets quite the workout). This is really impressive to me since I can't even find a photo I like enough to put on my online profile (I think I still imagine myself in my 20s, so any photos of a 42 year old woman just look bad).

Now I have never met Mae (I believe she lives somewhere in the midwest), but from her site, she seems like the kind of person everyone wants as a best friend. She is funny, warm, endearing and really loves her kids and her husband. She is always laughing, smiling and joking in her videos and her blog entries are hillarious. I look forward to her updates, while hoping that she doesn't update while I am at work since sitting at my computer laughing to myself is frowned upon in the workforce (luckily, this will cease to be a problem in a week and a half). I highly recommend checking out Mutha Mae's Word to Your Mutha. Just make sure you have enough time to check out the videos as well as the blog. You will be entertained and may even pick up a couple of tips.


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