Sunday, September 21, 2008

Apple Picking in the Sun

Yesterday, we took the ladies apple picking. My sister-in-law and her husband came up for the day (from NYC) and we were looking for something to do that would be fun for everyone, that they couldn't do at home. We came up with apple picking since they certainly don't have apple farms in Manhattan.

So we packed everyone into the car and off we went. When we arrived at the farm I noticed my sister-in-law's shoes.

Lisa's fancy apple picking shoes

Now my sister-in-law is extremely glamorous. She works in the fashion industry and is one of those people who always looks perfect (I know, seeing me, you would think I would be intimidated just to spend time with her, but somehow, it all works out although going out in public with her is almost like the city mouse and the country mouse). Anyway, back to her shoes. I noticed she was wearing these rather beautiful patent leather shoes. When I pointed out that they might not be appropriate for apple picking, she said they were her most casual shoes (as I said, she is all about the glamour). I, of course, was wearing Keds sneakers which aren't even my most casual shoes (yes, Lisa is all about the glamour, I am all about the frump). She bravely ventured into the apple orchard and we began picking.

My girls love apple picking. As many of my readers know, we go fruit picking a few times a year. We were blueberry picking a couple of months ago, but the girls don't find that as satisfying. It takes a lot of picking to fill up a box of blueberries. Apple picking is much faster. I also discovered a discount for next weekend for anyone interested in apple picking in Fairfield County, Connecticut. We picked 2 large bags of apples and Lisa's shoes survived their journey into the wilds of Connecticut.

This morning, I used our new apples to make applesauce. The girls loved it and I am worried I have spoiled them for jarred applesauce for life. I am not going to make applesauce all that often, so they will have to live with the stuff from the jar. I used a recipe from Chris Kimball. If you have never heard of Chris Kimball, he is the publisher of Cook's Illustrated. He is a little neurotic, but that benefits the rest of us. He will take a dish and have his chefs make it hundreds of times until he find the perfect version of whatever they are cooking. He has also provided the world's best brownie recipe. I can't give you a link to his brownie recipe because it requires membership, but it would be worth a two-week trial membership (free) just to try it. Just make sure to remember to cancel the membership before you're charged.

Apple picking is a great way to entertain the kids for an afternoon. If you live anywhere in the northeast, you probably aren't that far from an apple farm (and I'm sure they have them in the midwest too, not sure about out west or other countries). Not only will it entertain the kids, but kids love to eat the apples they picked and it is a much healthier snack than cookies. An added benefit is that everyone will be really tired when they get home, which limits the arguing and fighting because no one has the energy.

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Jen said...

We were going to go apple picking yesterday but never did! I hope to do it sometime this fall!

Anne Albanese said...

You should definitely go. I highly recomend it! EJ and Maddie will love it and we have pictures of apple picking when Libby was Lucas' age.