Wednesday, September 17, 2008

According to My Email Inbox

According to my inbox, I have won the Irish lottery. I don't event remember entering.

According to my inbox, there is a gentleman in Africa who will give me $3,000,000 just for accepting a deposit in my account of $10,000,000. It is amazing that someone from another country would trust me so much.

According to my inbox, there is someone at who wants to meet me. I wonder what my husband would say.

According to my inbox, I can satisfy women just by taking a pill. I have never tried to satisfy a woman so who says I need a pill.

According to my inbox, I can lower my auto insurance today. This one is probably true, but I like my insurance company.

According to my inbox, my PayPal account has been accessed. I don't remember setting up a PayPal account.

According to my inbox, I can get cash in an hour. Everyone loves cash.

According to my inbox, I can become a law enforcement professional. I don't think any agency would have me.

According to my inbox, I can buy Viagra from Canada. Huh?

According to my inbox, I can flush weight from my system by taking Acai. If it is that easy, why isn't everyone doing it.

According to my inbox, I can earn money as an accountant. Unlikely with my math skills.

This is just a short example of the exciting offers I receive every day. Next time you get a piece of spam, remember, you are not alone and think of the rest of us who have probably received the same piece of mail.

Oh hey, now I can continue my education from home. But don't worry, the email says I will make more money with my new degree.

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missarkie said...

I have to say I know look at spam in a different way. Just think of all things that await me. I love your posts and have told my daughter she needs to read them.I am new to blogging and am finding that I not only enjoy writting them but love reading them. Maybe you can give me some hints my first website is
Anyway love your posts

Anne Albanese said...

Thank you so much, you are so complimentary. You make me blush!

missarkie said...

I read your comment on my webpage. I wanted to ask if I could put a link to your page on my website? You write about things that most people are thinking about.

MA Fat Woman said...

I think we have the same email address.

WannaSmile said...

Please feel free to link to my site:)