Wednesday, August 27, 2008

RIP Easy Cooking with Kids

I discovered something disappointing about myself. As many of our regular readers know, I started a blog a few months ago called Easy Cooking with Kids. I really enjoy food and cooking with my Joanna. Unfortunately, I discovered that when it comes to food, I am extremely boring. I am constantly making the same things for dinner and cooking the same food. I even tried adding restaurant reviews, but I don't go out to eat enough (something I was hoping to rectify, but I am just too darn poor).

I have been barely able to update Easy Cooking with Kids this month. Because of that, I have decided to bite the bullet (trite cliche) and discontinue the blog. I am very disappointed with myself that I am so unimaginative in my cooking. I may post the occasional entry about food here, but there is no more Easy Cooking with Kids.

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