Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Kindergarten Orientation

This morning was kindergarten orientation for Joanna. She was very excited, until we walked in the door. She froze the minute we got there. I will admit, it was somewhat crazy with the entire kindergarten in one room (all 6 classes). But, she was a trooper. The kindergartners all went on a bus ride (for many kids, it was their first bus ride). She marched off as soon as they called her class, not even looking to make sure I was following. I was trying to help a friend of Libby's find her mom, so I wasn't able to follow, but Joanna didn't even need me.

Her teacher seems very nice (we will refer to her as Mrs. K, just in case I need to vent someday). So far, I have no expectations of trouble, but, you never know (although one of the older siblings we met today said Mrs K was the best kindergarten teacher). It has been a long time since I had a child in kindergarten so I never sat through the list of policies and regulations. I knew everything, but hearing it all spelled out was a little intimidating.

When we left, Joanna said she wished it was tomorrow so she didn't have to leave. She is still very excited and I think she is going to have a great year!

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