Saturday, August 9, 2008

Jet Blue and the Airline Industry

MSNBC offers the Red Tape Chronicles, a Web site that exposes corporate sneakiness, government waste and other scams. The writer, Bob Sullivan, recently nominated Jet Blue for the "Gotcha Hall of Shame" (with a rather odd picture of a traveling sheep). If you are a frequent flyer, you will be able to completely relate to what he is saying. The airlines have been adding all kinds of additional expenses that make it impossible to determine which offers the most affordable price. Travelers can no longer go to Expedia or another travel Web site, put in their destination and dates, and determine which is the best flight to take. Once the traveler gets to the airport, he discovers he has to pay to check his luggage, have something to drink or even get a blanket to take a nap.

On a personal note, we were planning to go to Minnesota this summer to visit my godmother, favorite aunt and the rest of her family (along with a friend of Frank's who recently had twin babies). We had to cancel because it was just too expensive. For some reason, from here, it is cheap to fly to Florida, but really expensive to fly to the midwest. I know, I know, they can charge more because most people who are flying to the midwest are going for a reason and find it hard to cancel their trip. Flying to Florida is usually for vacation which people are more likely to forgo if it is too expensive.

I understand it, but that doesn't mean I'm not ticked off about it. When my father was alive, he used to complain about how airline travel was going downhill (he traveled ALOT). He would be horrified about what it had become.

Sorry, I got a little distracted here (I really wanted to go to Minnesota rather than take a "Staycation"). Check out the Red Tape Chronicles and see what MSNBC has to say about Jet Blue.

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