Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I Love Shoes

I never understood why people loved shoes. All through high school and into college, I usually wore sneakers or other comfortable, unattractive shoes (by usually, I mean always). Then in college, I got a job at a shoe store at the mall. Spending hours with those shoes, I was able to see the attraction. I guess before that, I had never paid attention to them.

The reason I am flashing back to college and how I developed a love for shoes is that Amazon has introduced a new store devoted to shoes and handbags. The new site is Not only do they offer an "endless" selection of woman's shoes, but they also offer children's shoes. And for those of you who are vegan, they even have a vegetarian section featuring synthetic leather. I often have trouble buying shoes. Living in a small town, there is not a wide selection of shoe choices, and the shoe stores never have my size. Amazon's new shoe store has the largest selection of shoes I have ever seen.

Check it out.

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