Friday, August 29, 2008

I Hate to Leave Out Anyone

School is starting and with it, after school activities. One of the activities where Libby participates is called Odyssey of the Mind. This is a problem solving competition where the solutions are developed completely by the kids (no parental help). I have coached Odyssey since Libby was in 2nd grade (this is my third year). For the past two years, I have been struggling to find kids to participate. In second grade, the team was Libby with four boys and last year, we had the minimum number of kids and that included one child from a higher grade.

So anyway, this year, I was contacted by a mom who wants her son to participate in Odyssey and I had to say no. Now remember, I have been short every year so I spent this past summer making sure our team was coming back and replacing any children who had left. Now, that my team is full, I actually had to say no.

Now, I hate to say no to any child about something like this. I wish any kid who wanted to participate would be able to. So, even though our team is full and I worked hard to make sure we had enough kids, I feel guilty that we had to turn down somebody. I wish we could accept everyone.

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