Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Day Away in Mystic

We took the ladies to Mystic for a very short overnight vacation (according to Governor Rell, this is still a staycation because we haven't taken any of our cash out of state). We had a great time. We left yesterday and drove up to Mystic Seaport. Frank and I once went there when we dated, but it was late fall and extremely lame. Everything was closed and I think we stayed for about half an hour.

It is much more fun in the summer. On Mondays, they offer discounts on adult tickets so we even saved $10. Both girls loved something called The Art Spot. It is a creative area where kids learn to draw a sea scene. They teach the kids to draw a boat, the sky and the ocean. Libby drew an amazing picture. See below.

We had lunch at the Seaport, which I don't recommend. The food was expensive and not very good. You can leave the seaport for lunch and return for the afternoon if you like. I also recommend skipping the planetarium. It was boring and the seats are not even comfortable enough to take a nap.

They have a great children's museum at the Seaport that includes an 1800s kitchen and an area where the kids can do laundry in the same manner as in the 1800s. I was surprised that the girls were so involved with scrubbing the clothes at the museum since I can't even get them to help load the dishwasher. I think I need to get a washboard so Libby and Joanna can scrub the laundry piece by piece.

We left the seaport and went to our hotel. We stayed at the Mystic Hilton. It has an indoor pool which we wanted in case it rained while we were there. It didn't, but we took the girls to the pool anyway and they loved it (the ladies love any type of pool). After the pool we went to Olde Mistick Village (which sounds historic but is just a shopping area). We found a great restaurant called Go Fish. The food is modern seafood and is among the best food I have had on any vacation. They have a sushi bar in the back so Frank and I each had a sushi roll. The fish from the rolls was extremely fresh. It reminded of a sushi restaurant that was across the street from my apartment when I lived in Stamford. Of course, I had to have clam chowder since we were in New England and I also had clams with sausage. I never had clams and sausage together before, but what a great combination.
After walking around Olde Mistick Village we headed back to the hotel. The hotel offers Haagen Dazs room service. We ordered a pint of chocolate and watched Kung Fu Panda (a movie we all wanted to see). The bed was probably the most comfortable I have ever experienced. I usually find it difficult to sleep and only last about 7 hours a night. I actually slept for 9 hours. I don't remember the last time I slept that long.

Today, we went to the Mystic Aquarium. It was very crowded and there were quite a few badly behaved children (and adults). I am amazed with how badly some people let their children act. I know it is easier to let you children misbehave, but I can only imagine what is going to happen to society when all of these badly behaved children become adults. The girls were very excited to see Kodiak, the aquarium's 1700 lb sea lion. We had seen his photo on the Internet and they were looking forward to meeting him in person. While we were at the aquarium, a little girl lost her hat in the sea lion tank. Unfortunately, once you lose something in the tank, it is gone for good (Apparently, there are sea lion cooties). You can imagine the cries from this little girl as her mother explained that her hat was gone for good.

Another great exhibit at the aquarium is Birds of the Outback, a temporary traveling exhibit of cockatiels, parakeets and rosellas. every guest receives a popsicle stick with seed pods stuck to it to feed the birds. If you hold the stick just right, a bird will step onto the stick and you can hold him as he eats. Kids love it.

While we were only gone yesterday and today, we had an amazing time. Mystic is a great place to take the kids for a day trip or even an overnight. There is something for everyone and the whole family will enjoy the visit.

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