Friday, July 18, 2008

What is a Cat Lady

After reading yesterday's post, Frank told me, "It is cute, but kind of cat lady-like." Hostile language aside, I asked him what made it cat lady-like (you might not think it was hostile, but if you knew Frank and his negativity towards cats, you would know it was hostile).

I thought it was a cute picture. And… it had a DOG in it. That doesn't seem very cat like to me. He told me that it was because I had a picture and I was telling everyone how cute it was.

OK, he is right, I do think the photo is cute, but what I think is cuter is that they actually sleep that way. Of course, from his perspective, that just makes me more of a cat lady. Anyway, today at work, I was checking out different Web sites and blogs for ideas for a monthly newsletter I write on Jewish pregnancy. For some reason, one of them led me to a blog that was nothing but cat pictures: While to be accurate, I believe he is a "cat man," not a cat lady, I think this is a much more cat-related site than mine.

If you enjoy cats and musical instruments, check it out. It provides an interesting juxtaposition of two things I am guessing this photographer loves.

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