Thursday, July 3, 2008

Happy Fourth

I have been thinking about my mom a lot. Her birthday would be tomorrow. I know I think about my mom a lot all the time, but it is more frequent when the fourth of July is approaching.

My mother was a very important part of my life. After Libby was born, I used to talk to her 2-3 times a day (and this was before unlimited long-distance calls. My phone bill was insane). She still remains the only person who would listen to every bit of boring minutiae from my day (and even respond so I knew she was listening). While she didn’t always agree with what I thought, she usually supported me. I miss having her around. I miss talking to her.

This Friday will be a quiet day. We will probably have lobster, since that was my mom’s favorite food. Celebrating the fourth is beyond me, but I can certainly celebrate my mother’s birthday and everything Libby, Joanna, I, and even Frank owe her every day. A happy fourth of July to all my readers and a happy birthday to my mom.

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Judy said...

There really are no words to add, Anne. It might comfort you to know that I miss her very much, too. Your Mom brought such happiness to me from childhood on.

She made us feel happy in her presence. How wonderful to have a Mom so well loved and remembered by so many people.