Monday, July 14, 2008

Funny Story

This is not my story, but it was so funny, I had to share it. A family friend of my husband's died last week (obviously, not the funny part). We went to the funeral on Saturday. My sister-in-law came up on Friday to go to the wake, but her husband couldn't make it until Saturday. So he went to the funeral with my in-laws and we ended up sitting separately from him.

Apparently, while waiting for the service in church, Augi (my brother-in-law), developed an itch in that horrible spot on his back that is impossible to reach (admit it, you've had that same itch and been unable to reach it). He was trying to reach it but couldn't. The gentleman sitting two pews behind him stepped up and offered to reach the spot Augi couldn't reach. It turned out to be Christopher Shays, Connecticut congressman.

This story leads the mind to so many jokes, including scratch my back, I'll scratch yours, and the obvious one about how Shays would have never done it if he knew Augi was from NY and not a constituent. It brought a moment of light to what was a very somber day.

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