Monday, July 14, 2008

Another Politician Post

Another politician who was represented at the funeral on Saturday was Chris Dodd (I will explain in a later post why all these local politicians showed up to a funeral for a friend of the family). Those of you who follow politics know that Chris Dodd is too busy gathering information for Barack Obama's vice presidential short list to attend a funeral. Instead, he sent someone from his office.

Now what I want to know is... How do you wind up with the job attending funerals. Is it because this gentleman was the most sympathetic? Does he have the best demeanor? Or is it just that Chris Dodd hates him?

I can imagine how this conversation at the office went on Friday. "Who has plans this weekend? You don't, great, you re going to the funeral." "You don't either? Great, you can go to the birthday party."

Now most people know I hate going to funerals more than anything. I think they are a barbaric custom. When my dad died, we didn't have any type of service. When my mom died, I had a small service, but it was for her partners at work and her friends and family, because I didn't want it. I understand some people take comfort from them, but I can not relate to that feeling at all. So to me, being the guy that Chris Dodd sends to funerals sounds like the worst job in the world!

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