Monday, June 30, 2008

We're Getting a Rat

Many of you may have read my previous post on Libby and how she wants a hamster. Unfortunately, no one came through with any ways to discourage the purchase, so we are getting one(who I will forevermore refer to as "the rat).

Libby is over the moon. I on the other hand, am worried about little things like hamster odor, hamster/cat interaction, and hamster death. I came downstairs this morning and a bouquet of flowers had been knocked over on the table. I can only imagine what the cats would do if the flowers ran around in a little wheel and squealed.

I have gotten a lot of feedback on how this will be a good experience for Libby, build character, strengthen her sense of responsibility, blah, blah,blah. For some reason, I still have an image of me stuck cleaning out the hamster cage after I finish with the cat box, the kid's toys, and the muddy dog prints. Those of you who know me know I don't even water the plants. My mother used to rescue my houseplants and nurse them back to life from the brink of death. Does that mean I am going to have to do that with Libby's hamster?

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