Friday, June 13, 2008

Tim Russert: Rest In Peace

Tim Russert died today. Many people may be wondering what does that have to do with me? I have always had an affinity for Tim Russert. He reminded me of my dad. Like Tim Russert, my father was a newsman. In fact, he made numerous appearances on Meet the Press (before Tim Russert's time) back when viewers actually got to meet the press and see what they thought about the news of the day.

Tim always asked the tough questions. During state elections, I always said I wanted Tim Russert to come to Redding to find out where our politicians stand. People used to laugh at me, but hey, it was my fantasy.

For this year's election (and future elections), my fantasy has died. As have my Sunday morning reminders of my dad as a serious newsperson.

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Judy Brown said...

I liked the comparison to your Dad, Anne, because in the memorials they talked a lot about the key to Tim's success was his preparation and keen intellect.
I watched every second of the memorials in Tim Russert's honor. I never missed "Meet..." unless it was a conflict with a family activity.
Like your Dad, no one will be able to take his place.