Sunday, June 1, 2008


This weekend, my older daughter had two friends sleep over. Since we were celebrating her birthday, we planned a number of activities we wouldn't do on a normal weekend. The first thing we did was take them to paint pottery. They just opened a new pottery place in town. The pottery place was a lot of fun, but very expensive. Since we only had two guests and my kids, it wasn't bad, but if would be a lot for a birthday party. It is a beautiful place and a great outing for a rainy Saturday. It is called Art on Fire on Main Street in Ridgefield, CT. Since I am a frustrated artist, I had to paint something too. The beauty of painting pottery is you don't have to be artistically talented to do it. Once it has been fired in the kiln, if it isn't perfect, it winds up looking like folk art. I like things that look good no matter how little talent I exhibit.

My daughter wanted an ice cream cake, so after painting pottery we went to pick up one up at Carvel. Yes, I am a poorly prepared mother who didn't plan her daughter's birthday months in advance. Feel free to judge me. I did learn a valuable lesson. It would have been worth it to go out at night and miss sleep to not have to take four little girls to Carvel. Picking a cake took almost as long as if I had baked it myself. The owner of Carvel suggested coming alone next time.

For dinner, we took the girls to a Japanese restaurant. You would think kids and Japanese food would not go together, but it turns out they will eat almost anything if it is cooked on the table in front of them. We go there for special occasions because it is the only restaurant where my kids will order something other than pasta. Since I believe no human being can live on pasta alone, I try to trick them into eating other things. The Japanese chef, throwing his spatula around does it every time. I highly recommend it if you have fussy eaters at home.

The best part was that everyone went to bed so I actually got some sleep. Not a lot, but enough to be a functioning human being today. It may not sound like much, but the last sleepover she had, the girls ended up sleeping on the floor in our room and I ended up getting only an hour of sleep.

I think Libby had a good time. Since her birthday isn't for two weeks, we have a number of celebrations still to come. I always like to make a big fuss over birthdays so they tend to go on for a while in our household. You only get to be queen for a day once a year, so we might as well make the most of it.

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