Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Referendum Passes

The high school referendum in town passed... without my help. We vote a lot in our town this time of year. We have to vote for the town budget, the lower schools budget, and the high school budget for the coming year. The voting starts in May and continues until all the budgets pass.

I missed the first referendum because I was sick. Both budgets failed so I got another chance to vote. I made it to that one and the town budget (which includes the lower schools) passed but the high school budget was shot down again. So another referendum was scheduled.

I have to admit, I didnt do my civic duty tonight and I didnt have a good reason. Things have been very crazy for the past few weeks and after rushing home from work, making dinner, cleaning the kitchen, etc. I just didnt have it in me to drive across town to vote. I was tired. Fortunately, the budget finally passed so I dont have to feel guilty about not making it to the polls.

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