Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Libby Wants a Hamster

My daughter has decided she wants a hamster. I don't agree, for a number of reasons. Let me explain.
First, a hamster is a rodent. I freak out when rodents get into the house. Why should I escort one through the door.
Second, a hamster is a lot of responsibility. In my house, if you don't speak up, you don't get fed. If it were up to me, all our houseplants would be deceased. I am sure I will get stuck taking care of the hamster.
Third, I am worried she will get bored with the hamster. Rodents are not terribly warm and fuzzy. He will not be as fun as a cat or dog. Eventually, he will be as fascinating as a piece of furniture.
Fourth, I am worried the hamster will end up as a cat snack. We have two cats and they get ahold of any mouse that manges to break into my house. I can only imagine the hysteria if someone were to make a meal of the hamster.

So, I am putting her off, hoping she will lose interest in the hamster. Any suggestions on how to avoid it completely?

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Judy Brown said...

Hi, Anne: No advice here. Do you recall our league of gerbils? (Plus two cats and one dog?)

Thor went missing and was found week's later in the binding of a three ring binder on the shelf in the "office." Phew! We gave all of the sons and daughters of Thor to the pet store later, What do you think became of them?

Those were the good old days!