Monday, June 2, 2008

Graduation Day

Today, my younger daughter graduated from preschool. I remember when my older daughter graduated, I was excited that she was going to kindergarten and going to be taking the bus (no more driving). I guess it is because she is my youngest, but I am very sad that Joanna is going to elementary school. While I am happy we no longer have to pay for preschool, I am nostalgic that she is growing up so fast.

Of course, graduation was very cute. My little diva just smiled as she performed her song, thrilled to be in the spotlight. When her friend's mother was taking a picture, she came running so she could get into the picture too (my girl loves all cameras).

Her shoes were too small, so I had to come back after the ceremony to drop off a pair of shoes that fit. Her teacher called me to point out that I was the worst mother ever and my little girl couldn't walk in her shoes. When I showed up with a bag full of shoes, all the little girls in the class came running to see. It was like grown women and a bag of Jimmy Choos. I guess a love of shoes starts early.

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