Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Dog Sitter

If you read Peter Pan (or saw the movie), you know about Nana, the Newfoundland dog who babysits the Darling children. Here is our house, we have our own Nana. While I don't think I would leave Hamlet home alone with the girls, he is responsible for putting Joanna to bed.

From the time she was born, Joanna has always wanted to sleep with us. In fact, for the first 15 months of life, she did just that. We then got her to go into her own room, but that didn't last long and she was back with us again. Last year, we bribed Libby to let Joanna sleep in her room. That lasted for longer, but eventually, Libby wanted her room back.

We determined that Joanna was scared to sleep alone so we came up with the Hamlet solution. Every night, when Joanna is tucked into bed, Hamlet goes too. He stays with her until she falls asleep and then comes back into our room. He is finally earning his keep, protecting Joanna from things that go bump in the night.

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